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Yoip Callshop platform is web based and have advanced features establishing international phone calls from a wide network of cyber cafes around the world.You can act as an agent or operator to easily manage a range of call shops or booths using a simple point-and-click web interface. VoIP Callshop is another name given to Public Call Offices (PCOs) that employs VoIP technology Yoip Callshop module allows our customers to provide calling services within call shops, Internet cafes, VoIP shops by using softphone and wide variety of IP calling devices


  • Realtime billing
  • Prepaid/postpaid support
  • Booth lock/unlock
  • Booth/callshop/reseller credit limit
  • Multi-callshop support in one system
  • Multi-reseller support in one system
  • Each customer/callshop/reseller could use a rate template or use specific rate
  • Callback with credit limit support (billing lega/legb/both)
  • Reseller rate/callshop rate/customer rate three level billing
  • Admin/reseller/callshop admin/operator four user types
  • Rate import/export
  • Hangup calls
  • Profit calculate
  • Grid layout
  • CDR search/browser
  • Credit operation history
  • Print receipt
  • Billing for clid
  • Inbound billing

Yoip carriers recommends following Hardware and operating system specification

Hardware Requirements: Dual Xeon Pentium IV 2.0/ 2Gb RAM/160 GB HDD

Software Requirements:

  • Linux CENTOS 5.3 (complete installation)
  • Apache
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Use PHPAGI 2.14 included
  • SOAP-0.9.4

Install the operating system with the bison-1.875-4, flex-2.5.4a-29, and gcc-3.4.6-3, Mysql-5.X, Python-2.x and Perl MD5 1.7 and YUM Server.

Internet connection:

The use of a 1Gbit Ethernet card is a prerequisite for Yoip system with good broadband internet connection .

Pre-installation Considerations:

Here is some information that we think is worth knowing prior to install.

•  Linux server should be on public IP


Carrier which supports SIP calls,g711, g723 and g729 codecs.


Yoip carriers requires remote access of server for installation. The installation will be done by SSH connection on Linux server.Its installation requires internet facility and the time taken for its set up mainly depends on the nature and amount of customization to be done and the nature of service provider's infrastructure. Our competent and reliable force of engineers renders spectacular services in solving every bit of installation related problem

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